Within weeks, instead of months.
Save the tooling capital.
Real parts, ready to be sold.


We can help bring your product to market. Our low-volume manufacturing runs are perfect for medical and electronic product housings, and the short lead time will accelerate your development cycle, getting real product into the hands of your customer sooner than conventional tooling.

Medical Devices
Scientific Equipment
Consumer Electronics
Functional Components
Art Pieces
Aeronautics & Telemetry


With our advanced soft-tooling method using silicone, we create geometry that would be impossible using conventional tooling. From very large housings, to under-cuts and no-draft surfaces, the benefits of RTV tooling allow for greater freedom in the design process.

Large Parts
Zero-Draft Surfaces
Complex Features
Variable Wall Thickness


Silicone is an amazing mold-making material, capturing super-fine details. It's flexibility allows for undercuts, zero-draft surfaces, and variable wall thickness - features that are impossible with injection molding.


All the extras to make your short-run production a success.

Component Integration

We can help design, source, integrate and assemble virtually all internal components, including: circuit boards, batteries, ports and hardware.

Certified Materials

Our polyurethane casting resins meet strict standards, including: RoHS (hazardous material restriction), UL-94VO (electronic-safe), and FAR 25.853 (aerospace).

Flexible Parts

We produce components in virtually any durometer (hardness value), used for: ergonomic over-molds, protective cases and pivoting parts.

Full-Color Finishes

We provide a full spectrum of paint colors, material pigments and surface textures (Mold-Tech standard) to align with your vision and brand.

Product Graphics

Whether you require a pad-printed logo, a safety or instructional label or decal transfer - our high quality graphics will put the finishing touch on your product line.


Every order is expertly packed, boxed and shipped to ensure that your parts arrive in excellent condition and ready for assembly.